DOCA — The Highest Standard for Kitchen Design

We are the architect’s choice.

DOCA is not just inspired by architects. Every step of our design + production is a collaboration with leading architects of the industry. Our ambition is to be the most accommodating Designer Kitchen-Studio for our architect and designer clientele. DOCA is the standard today for designer kitchens.

Trusted by design professionals.

Design Professionals seek out DOCA to achieve their inspired interiors, finish selections, and integrate the architectural vision. We deliver the promise of quality.

Storage solutions for the whole house.

Kitchen + Closet + Bath Design – Without Limits. Only DOCA offers designer cabinetry for every room of the house, in any finish you like from our selection of thousands, ranging from exotic woods to hybrid metals.

‘Made by DOCA’ means just that. Our People, Our Designs, Our Materials.

DOCA crafts every piece in-house from start-to-finish.

Contemporary + Classic. Two Expressions of Style Executed with the Same Respect + Passion for Detail.

DOCA is the only leading kitchen design-studio that has perfected both contemporary and classic kitchen styles, with an Architect’s eye for detail and construction.

Our Foundation is a Master Carpenter’s Passion for Woodworking

DOCA offers today’s latest computerized production technology, while also challenging other European brands’ disrespect for what can be created through hand-worked detailing integrated seamlessly with a factory’s machined precision.

Glass, Metal, Stone, Porcelain, Leather + Fabric Door Finishes.

DOCA offers the full range of today’s Architectural palette and challenges the status quo. We also work with all of these materials in-house at the DOCA factory, rather than sub-contracting the work out to European-wide market bidders.

Not Just Pushing the Boundary for Tomorrow’s Cabinetry, Breaking Through It.

DOCA explores and integrates new cabinet technologies, mechanized storage, touch control and sensors.