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The idea is simultaneously straightforward and highly complex, and consists of being able to prepare, with superlative elegance, a humble carrot at home with the same flair with which we would do it in the kitchens of a renowned restaurant. The aim is to create an environment that is perfectly in harmony with our way of understanding space, aesthetics, and the individual lifestyles of each and every one of us. Because if there is one thing we have learnt, it’s that the kitchen is not just a place where we cook, wash and clean, but rather a far more interesting and accessible place in which we can observe, feel, debate… and think.

This has been the idea behind DOCA since 1978, and the reason the company has managed to establish a natural means via which architecture, interior design and gastronomy can communicate. In an effort to cater for the varied nature of these three disciplines, this international company now offers more than two hundred finishes in a wide range of styles, while always maintaining fluid, candid lines of communication between the three disciplines. Always.

This year, as part of the trend towards the “transitional”, a style that moves freely between the classic and the contemporary, between technology and traditional craftsmanship, DOCA presented its STEP model, where the logic of evolution once again appears in the company’s designs, on this occasion via the offer of not only solid walnut and steel-framed display cabinets, but also the magic of coplanar sliding doors, an innovative system in which the two doors remain flush when closed. Precision, purity, harmony combine with absolute mastery of space, as the doors can also be opened and closed by remote control. Expectation abounds.

At the DOCA stand we observed 12 mm steel doors that have entirely ignored the passage of time, reinforced panels made with robust phenolic plywood, impossible hinges that open up to 270 degrees, drawers that slide electrically with the merest touch, and wonderful hardwood panels and materials. Progress in design apparently knows no limits.

What’s more, in the background materialised in two surprising proposals for dressing areas that interpret the intimate aspects of the bedroom with the same sense of aesthetic, durability and functionality. And all with an added touch of comfort in the form of leather doors, natural wood shelving, accessories we had never imagined before but that now seem entirely indispensable, and lighting that is as warm and inviting as our most pleasant dreams.

Professionals from countries as wide-ranging as the USA, England, the United Arab Emirates, India, China and Azerbaijan visited the DOCA stand in Espacio Cocina SICI 2019 in an effort to gain a first-hand experience of this evolutionary process.

Communication between architecture, interior design and gastronomy. That’s the idea.

DOCA’s New Flagship Store Opened

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