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A hundred professionals, including architects, interior designers and stylists have joined in the opening of a new DOCA showroom in Madrid.

They talked about elegance, magic, flavours, light, wood, steel and future, in addition to many other topics from kitchen design to the human relationships that befall within such an essential area.

We talked about the personality that needs a room called the kitchen and about that slow but constant revolution that demands more space, light and better stenographers for the most exciting place in the apartment.

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DOCA caresses textures and reliefs, observes impossible angles and checks secret mechanisms. Everything is about subtlety, function and emotion.
Five models are exhibited in this flagship, bringing together the latest ideas of the company: design, mechanical, material and engineering developments.

The new DOCA centre in Madrid is also a meeting and observation spot for all professionals who design habitat. For all those who believe that the beauty of things is directly related to the grace of people. Welcome to subtlety.

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A Unique Kitchen with Natural Stone Engravings

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